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PMS is your comprehensive real estate companion, providing a range of services to meet your diverse needs. From finding your ideal properties to connecting with trusted building material vendors and skilled service providers, we’ve got you covered. Explore a seamless and efficient real estate experience with our tailored services.


Our service delivery as a professional real estate broker is all encompassing. With sound knowledge of real estate dynamics, documentations and enabling relationship with relevant authorities, we are well equipped to facilitate any form of real estate transaction for clients, landlords and other stakeholders as may be requested from time to time.

  • Sales brokerage: the joy of every landlord is to achieve set sales target as fast as possible. Thus having built a network of agents globally, we are positioned to help you handle sales of our clients’ properties within the shortest period of time
  • Rental brokerage: landlords who built with the intention to rent and provide accommodation to the Nigerians sometimes end up frustrated as a result of renting without proper due diligence check. It’s important to carry out a background check on every tenant at the point of entry in order to have an assurance of renewal when the time is due. PMS has a model that ensures that our clients are able to realize their real estate dreams.
  • Joint venture brokerage: clear and unambiguous request is all we need to deliver efficiently and effectively in all joint venture deals for both land owners and willing investors.
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Facility Management

We have both professional and network capacity to manage your property rental within a reasonable time frame that will ensure speedy rental, replacement, repairs and maintenance, ejection through court process where necessary. We have capable solicitors & associates as our affiliate legal firm that gives first hand legal service to every legal issues in the company.

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Renovation, Reconstruction and Restructuring

We have special expertise in restructuring, reconstruction and remodeling of an existing property especially old properties for greater returns. Our core competence in project development, renovation, reconstruction as well as restructuring of existing building to convert to other purposes different from original plan is topnotch. We are in committed partnership with certified engineers and architects who are stakeholders in PMS consortium with unwavering dedication and expertise.

Our services in this regard can either be as consultant handling the project on behalf of the client, at our cost based on certain terms and conditions or PMS signing a long lease while taking the responsibility for such reconstruction. So we are at your service for your properties that are not giving you adequate returns for conversion to a more profitable reconstruction taking into consideration the property location, clients’ demand, payment ability etc.

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Building and Construction

With our team of engineers, architects and surveyors, we are positioned to deliver a state of the art structure that is in line with your specification. We concentrate on personal homes, country homes, apartments for rentals (commercial and residential), hotels, service apartments and the likes. We have delivered hotels, serviced apartments, residential and commercial apartments for individual clients in Lagos, Anambra and Asaba.

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Long-term Leasing and Conversion

We are open to a long term lease of both houses and empty land which may as well be converted where the agreement gives us the approval to convert to a different use for the period under consideration. Thus if you have empty parcels of  land that you are not willing to sell but desire to earn some reasonable income until you are ready for its use, old houses not yielding reasonable returns and even new houses that you desire to lock in guaranteed rental then PMS is the right company to contact.

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Rent insurance

Our experience in facility management shows that most landlords actually receive between 50% and 70% of the yearly rental accruable to then after the first year due to several reasons such as

  • Inability of the tenant to renew due to lack of fund
  • Unwillingness of the tenant to pay due to unresolved differences between the landlord and the tenant
  • Deliberate delay of payment which builds up long arrears
  • Eviction process such as period of quit notice
  • Court processes due to unresolved differences or final eviction step
  • Idle period of vacant apartment before a new tenant pays for the space
  • Piecemeal rent payment which runs beyond the period

These challenges have discouraged a lot of investors from building for rental but to build and sell off. Lagos state government has enacted some laws to regulate this ugly menace but unfortunately the law seems to protect the tenants more than the landlord as opined by many real estate investors. The negative effect of this is reduction in housing development.


While we look forward to a review of the law in the interest of the landlords who invested so much to earn little or nothing, pms has developed a special package to assuage the pains of the landlords who have laboured so much to invest in real estate.


The rationale behind this package is to give the landlord two major comforts which are

  • Annual bulk payment: assurance of a particular amount which is between 70% and 80% of the expected rental income from the property depending on the type of property, location, time of engagement etc.
  • Specific date of payment: bulk payment of the entire amount agreed at a particular time agreed yearly instead of disjointed payments from different tenants at different times.
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Property Investment Banking

As a multi-dimensional real estate company coupled with the experience of the CEO spanning through insurance, banking, accounting and financial consulting sectors, PMS has developed several real estate investment portfolios for our trust worthy investors to explore for greater return on investment. Our real estate investment portfolios are categorized into four parts;

  • Bronze: this is a pool where entrance is unlimited. Minimum contribution is pegged between #100k and #900k.
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • You are advised to contact us for more details
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Sales, marketing and promotion

We have developed a network of agents and clientele base to close your real estate deals within the shortest period of time. Our network cuts across diaspora engagements. Our strategy in connecting a willing buyer of a property and a willing seller is superlative and unprecedented. Just a trial will convince you as long as terms and conditions are favorably considered.

In achieving our desire to satisfy our varying clients, we adopt the following customized and result oriented approaches

  • Rsb network

This means realtors, service providers and builders mart network of subscribers. They are the key players in real estate business. Thus, the essence of the network is to give our clients unrestricted access to them from any part of the world. Through this network you can easily reach out to agents, architects, engineers, building mats etc.

  • PMS advert spins

Engaging PMS for your advert and promotions serves as a one stop shop for you. Beyond leveraging on all our internal advert and promotion handles embedded in PMS platform we have affiliate companies- GNB media and bcc promotions that may be engaged to give you a promotion blast beyond your expectation

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Investment Advisory and Funds Management

Our professional experiences in project management, project finance and Nigeria financial system have been brought to bear in rendering this services. We are open to any investor who has need for a guaranteed real estate investment either on short term or long term basis without actually buying or selling properties. Talk to us on your investment appetite and available fund and we will help you take the best business decision.

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Content creation, media coverage, publications and profiling

Real estate contents are valid and reliable marketing and promotion tools to ignite the appetite of the clients. To this effect, we have a full chain of media equipments from pre-production to post production to render a cutting-edge service to our valuable clients. To further create reasonable visibility and adequate Caoacity and knowledge, we also created a weekly real estate programme titled “inside real estate”. This goes to showcase real estate insights, trends and expert opinion, market updates, property tips and industry perspective on PMS blog. It helps real estate practitioners to stay informed, stay connected and let our guide in the world of real estate.

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Legal Documentations and Approvals

With an affiliate law firm-dorch chambers, PMS is well equipped to ensure proper legal documentations of all transactions. Where the need arises to proceed to court for any dispute resolution, dorch chambers is saddled with that responsibility to ensure a favourable resolution.

PMS also has developed a reasonable working relationship with relevant government agencies handling real estate matters in different states that PMS currently operates. Thus we have a perfect understanding of government processes and procedures to guide and consult for you especially in key areas such as processing Governors consent, building approval, certificate of ownership, allocation, survey, reclamation, etc. Note that the requirement varies from state to state.

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Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions

PMS is enabled to facilitate conferences, seminars and exhibitions once every quarter to create an atmosphere of bonding for realtors, clients, investors and developers. The seminar is put together to discuss issues of common interest and brainstorm of how to navigate around the inherent challenges affecting

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