Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to common queries. Whether you’re curious about our services, property listings, or any other aspect, our FAQ section provides valuable insights to make your experience with PMS even more convenient.

This is a multi-purpose platform designed for all kinds of real estate related affairs. It is a one stop spot where users can find their desired properties, connect with their desired building material vendors as well as find experienced real estate service providers capable of handling painting, roofing or tiling projects etc. PMS is also available to handle your title processing, reclamation and all kinds of documentation related services.

Our website supports the following internet browsers.
1. Internet Explorer 8 or above (download: Windows)
2. Firefox 3 or above (download: Windows Mac Linux)
3. Safari 5 or above (download: Windows Mac)
4. Chrome 8 or above (download: Windows Mac Linux)

We are unique in several ways:
• We are a multi-purpose platform providing all real estate players opportunity to connect and network in one defined space.
• We have a Fast-growing number of daily visitors and unique audience which provides vendors opportunity to generate good leads.
• You can earn bonuses for referrals
• Our website is carefully designed to solve all real estate related challenges.

We have put in place, a team of highly experienced digital marketers saddled with the responsibility of constantly promoting our site on a daily basis which amasses to a good number of engagements daily.

Once you open the website, click on the menu tab and select the signup option. Choose your preferred package depending on your area of specialty. If you are a realtor, you can sign up for the Business Owners package. If you are a building materials dealer, you can sign up for the building marts package and if you are a service provider (painter, tiller, dredger etc.) you can sign up for the service providers’ package. Fill in your details, make payments and your account will be automatically activated.

To upload your listing, you have to first sign up, go to your dashboard and then select “add listing” then proceed to providing details of the listing and click “Publish”.

Yes, depending on your package. Signing up as a standard business owner, gives you access to only one listing while signing up as an executive Business owner, gives you access to five listings.

Yes. You can only upload five pictures per listing.

Absolutely! You get to earn reasonable percentages for as many people that you refer to the website.

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